New WisDems Video Exposes Scott Walker: Fraud, Abuse, and Waste for Wisconsin

Aug 11, 2010

MADISON –  A new Web video released today exposes Scott Walker’s hypocrisy, highlighting his reckless mismanagement of Milwaukee County that has allowed fraud, waste and abuse to flourish under his watch.

The video features news reports of  the state takeover of county public assistance programs due to Walker’s mismanagement, Walker’s attempts to shower his campaign backers with big rewards, and Walker’s granting of a no-bid contract to a major contributor.

“Scott Walker should look in a mirror if he wants a prime example of fraud, abuse and waste in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Walker will say anything to get elected, even highlighting his record of failure, incompetence and reckless mismanagement in his own campaign ads.  The county executive is just a guy we can’t trust.”