Reality TV Star Sean Duffy Fails to Tell Voters What He’ll Do in Washington (8/17/10)

Aug 16, 2010

After More than a Year of Campaigning, Duffy Offers Wisconsin Voters Party of No Platform: All Problems, No Plans
As Lassa Unveils Plan to Bring Wisconsin Values to Washington, Duffy Remains Silent on Solutions

Madison — After more than a year of campaigning, Sean Duffy has yet to put forth a plan to resolve any of the problems he’s raised with voters.  Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Michael Tate today slammed Duffy’s glaring gaps in providing any substantive solutions to Wisconsin families as Democratic candidate Julie Lassa unveiled her plan to bring Wisconsin values to Washington today.

Tate said: “Sean Duffy can talk until the cows come home, but after a year of campaigning he’s failed to tell voters what he’d do if elected.”

“Sean Duffy’s campaign is a textbook Party of No because he offers voters nothing. Duffy would rather let Wall Street and outside special interest groups do his dirty work than let Wisconsin families know where he stands outright.”

Duffy has already come under fire for trying to hide his position on privatizing Social Security. In addition, he’s double-crossed himself and Wisconsin families by failing to hold Wall Street accountable after chalking up his candidacy as a response to the Big Bank Bailout. In contrast, candidate for U.S. Congress Julie Lassa today unveiled her plan to bring Wisconsin values to Washington. Lassa highlighted her Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Hotline, which helped to identify $1.7 million of misspent taxpayer funds in 2009 alone, as an example of what cleaning up government could do and what she’ll fight to accomplish in Washington.

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