Scott Walker and the Art of Taxpayer-Funded Self-Promotion (8/13/10)

Aug 12, 2010

Mitchell Park Domes Edition

MADISON – Already the subject of complaints over taxpayer-funded campaigning and having left the Milwaukee parks system in ruins, Scott Walker has now inserted himself into a new election-year public service announcement for an art festival at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes.

Walker’s office already is the subject of investigation after a county employee acknowledged doing political work on taxpayer-funded time.

And the Government Accountability Board is looking into a Democratic Party of Wisconsin complaint over Walker’s taxpayer-funded joyride around the state timed to coincide with the Republican state convention.

“Scott Walker has never been shy about putting his political career above all else” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “But I think all can respect the cynical art that goes into having the taxpayers pick up the tab so he can promote himself.”