Scott Walker Returns to Marquette

Aug 24, 2010

Leaflets Point to “Mudslinging” Days Gone By

MADISON – Scott Walker was scheduled to appear at Marquette University today almost 22 years after a student government election scandal that foreshadowed his current run for governor.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin volunteers were handing out leaflets to “Welcome Back Scott.”

In February, 1988, Walker admitted violating Marquette campaign rules during his run for student government president and the Marquette Tribune deemed him “unfit” for office after finding Walker’s campaign guilty of “mudslinging,” and after reports that his campaign was throwing out copies of the paper that contained information damaging to Walker.

Walker left the university not long afterward.

Walker’s current campaign for governor has been marked by misleading attacks, negative ads paid for by outside groups and a refusal of Walker to take responsibility for the serial failures under his watch as Milwaukee County executive.

“Even from his time back at Marquette, Scott Walker displayed the essence of the mudslinging that was to come,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Looking back at the scandals that cost Walker an election back then, it looks like he has graduated to even higher levels of negative campaigning. Then and still now, Scott Walker will say or do anything to try to get elected.”