Scott Walker's Priorities Are Sick (8/26/10)

Aug 25, 2010

Seeks to Strip Middle Class and Working

 Families of Health Insurance 

MADISON – Scott Walker, whose family has enjoyed taxpayer-funded health insurance since 1993, yesterday said that if he were governor he would slash the highly-successful BadgerCare health program which provides health care to thousands of lower-income, middle class families in Wisconsin.

Walker’s administration as Milwaukee County executive has been marked by fraud and abuse, including the late-breaking news yesterday that Walker was demoting the administrator of his Behavioral Health Division in the wake of a sexual assault scandal.

But without citing a single example, Walker at a debate Wednesday in Milwaukee made outrageous accusations about BadgerCare.

“Never mind that every health program he has touched has resulted in scandal or the fact that taxpayers have paid for his family’s health insurance, Scott Walker is so out-of-touch and extreme that he literally would deny medicine to sick children and their mothers, all so he can pay for a tax cut for the richest one percent of Wisconsinites” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Scott Walker’s priorities are sick.”