Sean Duffy’s Got an Announcement, But It’s Not on How to Fix Our Economy (8/23/10)

Aug 22, 2010

MADISON — Reality tee-vee personality Sean Duff told a D.C. political Web site over the weekend that he has no plan to end his more than year-long streak of failing to tell Wisconsin voters what he would do in Washington.

In a statement to  Real Clear Politics, the Duffy campaign made it very clear that while they were preparing for a big announcement this week, it would not address how to clean up Washington or get Wisconsin families back to work. 

“While Sean Duffy has spent plenty of time been cozying up to groups funded by the very corporations that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas, Duffy still has not announced any solutions to the economic crisis that his party and his outsourcing friends have created,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.

The Duffy campaign still was trying to obscure Duffy’s radical support for privatizing Social Security even after WisDems released video proof documenting his extreme position to hand seniors’ retirements over to Wall Street speculators. Duffy recently hosted outspoken advocate for privatizing Social Security Newt Gingrich at a fundraiser in Wausau.

“Unlike Sean Duffy, Wisconsin’s seniors know the value of work and their golden years should be protected, not handed over wholesale to Wall Street,” Tate said.