Something Stinks: Scott Walker's Craven Charges Don't Float (8/20/10)

Aug 19, 2010

New WisDems Web Video Highlights Walker’s Flood Flight 

As Milwaukee County was Bailing Out, Walker Bailed on his Constituents

MADISON – Scott Walker, who fled Milwaukee County right after record floods to promote his campaign for governor, continues to face sharp criticism for his baseless attacks on the one candidate who actually DID stay behind to help his constituents after the historic storm.

This time, it’s Walker’s hometown newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in an editorial titled, “Something Stinks,” which assails the cynical-and untruthful-way Walker has used the floods to attack Tom Barrett.  Barrett, unlike Walker, canceled his campaign schedule in the days following the flood to help his constituents recover and direct response efforts.

Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin released a new Web video that shows how Walker’s attacks are ‘odious,’ and reminds voters that in the midst of a crisis, “Walker Fled While Barrett Led.”

“Seeing the damage it has done to his waterlogged campaign, Scott Walker is throwing everything – including the toilet – at Tom Barrett to distract from the craven way Walker behaved after Milwaukee County was flooded,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “But no amount of misdirection can hide the conclusion that Wisconsin voters are reaching about the Walker campaign: Something stinks.”


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