The Tasteless Racial Provocations of Scott Walker's Campaign

Aug 15, 2010

MADISON – Following is the statement of Stephanie Findley, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Black Caucus, following the actions Monday of Scott Walker campaign spokeswoman Jill Bader.

“On the day President Obama visited Milwaukee, the spokeswoman for Scott Walker, the endorsed Republican candidate for governor, posted to Twitter a video meant to mock the ongoing high-speed rail plans of this administration. There are many humorous ways to get the point across. Instead, the Walker campaign reached way back to the 1990s to dredge up a video featuring primarily African-American dancers. It would be naive to suggest that there are no racial overtones in the timing and the content of this communication by the Walker campaign. At best, it is tasteless and needlessly provocative. At worst, it recalls the coded racial program of division that has been exploited in the past. In either case, Scott Walker must apologize.”