Too Little Too Late: As Predicted, Sean Duffy Reveals The Do-Nothing Economic Plan

Aug 23, 2010

MADISONAs predicted last week, Sean Duffy today released his 6 steps to nowhere.

DPW got its hands on Sean Duffy’s economic plan in advance of its  announcement today, and proclaimed it a whole lot of nothing. But not to be outdone in his campaign of glaring inconsistencies and political posturing, Duffy denied that there was such a plan to Real Clear Politics.

Once again, in his the “Six steps” Duffy has not come up with one original idea and of course, Duffy fails to provide any specifics—a campaign theme the Wausau Daily Herald already picked up on this week.

“It seems like Sean Duffy prefers playing hide and seek with Wisconsin voters instead of running for Congress,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “Whether its obscuring his reckless agenda to privatize Social Security or denying that his announcement this week would be an economic plan, Sean Duffy fails to do anything but play political games. Now is the time for bold ideas and vision from an actual thinking and responsible candidate like Julie Lassa, who has given specifics on how she will help put the Wisconsin families back to work. Let Sean Duffy go back to doing what he does best which, if his economic plan is any indication, is a whole lot of nothing.”