Unveiled: Paul Ryan-Sean Duffy Medicare Ration Coupons

Aug 29, 2010

Extremist GOPers Campaign, Plot to Slash Health Care for Seniors

MADISON – As the nation’s leading opponent of Medicare raises cash for reality tee-vee contestant Sean Duffy Monday, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was unveiling “Medicare Ration Coupons” anticipating their radical voucher plan.
The coupons, featuring images of Paul Ryan and Duffy, were to be distributed by seniors at the Duffy for Congress campaign headquarters in Wausau and at the Ryan-Duffy fundraiser in Dresser. 
Sean Duffy has embraced Ryan’s “Road Map to Ruin,” which seeks to end Medicare as we know it by issuing vouchers of decreasing value to seniors; ending the child health insurance program known as “S-Chip”; and by privatizing Social Security and handing it over to the same Wall Street bankers whose reckless greed caused the current recession.
“Sean Duffy has embraced Paul Ryan’s extremist plan to end Medicare as we know it. The vouchers we are distributing will be redeemable if people like Duffy and Ryan, who care more about corporate fat cats than Wisconsin seniors, get sent to Washington to make war on Wisconsin’s working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.

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