WisDems Introduces “the Out-sorcerer” at Americans for Prosperity Event in Wausau

Aug 23, 2010

Just like AFP, Duffy, The WisDems “Out-sorcerer”
Can Make Wisconsin Jobs Disappear to China, Mexico, India

MADISON — Offering a special welcome to corporate outsourcers and Sean Duffy fan, The American Prosperity Foundation for its “Spending Revolt Tour” stop in Wausau today, The Democratic Party of Wisconsin introduced “The Out-sorcerer.” The Wisdems “Out-sorcerer” is a salute to AFP and Sean Duffy’s support of disastrous trade policies that put corporations before Wisconsin workers. Just like AFP and Sean Duffy, the WisDems “Out-sorcerer” can make Wisconsin jobs disappear to China, Mexico, and India.
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement:
“Today’s Wausau AFP stop is part of a national tour fueled by the millions it earned from outsourcing subsidiaries to China and India.  AFP subsidiaries have won titles for their commitment to offshoring American jobs and even made CNN’s top list of companies that ship jobs overseas. Duffy was endorsed by AFP earlier this year, and it already rushed into the race to do Duffy’s dirty work.
Hailed a “free-trader” by the Record Review, Sean Duffy balked at reforming our trade policies so that Wisconsin workers can compete fairly in the global market place. Instead, Duffy is an outspoken proponent of failed trade policies that have undercut Wisconsin’s manufacturing base and sent good-paying jobs to China.
Duffy, in concert with his AFP fans that profited off of shipping Wisconsin jobs overseas, even opposes closing tax loopholes for corporations that outsource American jobs.”