After Year of Campaigning, Sean Duffy Touts His Celebrity, Clarifies What He’ll Do If Elected: “Talk”

Sep 16, 2010

MADISON – After more than a year pining for higher office, reality tee-vee star and do-nothing D.A. Sean Duffy finally announced what voters can expect to see if he’s sent to Congress: “Talk.”

Duffy cited his questionable celebrity in a recent tee-vee interview as an attractive feature to Wisconsin voters and how glamour shots will be his calling card if elected. Bragging to WDIO in Duluth, Duffy said: “Since we started here, we’ve been able to bring a lot of attention to this race…If I am elected as the next Congressman I can use that to talk about how great Wisconsin is.”

Duffy has provided few specifics and has been so intent on hiding the only position he’s taken, in supporting the Paul Ryan budget, that not even reliable Fox News can understand where he stands.

“Sean Duffy doesn’t get to go to Congress because his hair is pretty and his teeth are straight,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “While people like him have been spared the effects of his Wall Street economy, the actual working families of the north woods need leadership to create jobs and get Wisconsin working again.”

In the same report, Democratic candidate Julie Lassa highlighted her fight to bring Wisconsin values to Washington. This week, Lassa announced the first steps of her call to action to create Wisconsin jobs now. Duffy has no jobs plan.

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