Arrogance: Sean Duffy Has His Commuting Plans Down-But Still No Word On Jobs

Sep 23, 2010

MADISON— After quitting his day job to campaign full-time, do-nothing D.A. and reality tee-vee star Sean Duffy has finally announced his plans-for commuting.

But after running for the office for more than a year, robbing Ashland County taxpayers in the process, he yet has not produced a jobs-creation plan, telling the Wausau Daily Herald it would come “in short order.”
At a fundraiser with Social Security privatization advocate Newt Gingrich earlier this summer, Sean Duffy told supporters that “he couldn’t create jobs.”

“He didn’t do the job as District Attorney, and he isn’t doing the job of telling voters how he would get the north woods back to work,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “But it’s sure nice of Sean Duffy to let us know about his frequent fliers miles plan.”