Jacque Wins Primary Election, Promises to Work for Big Corporate Special Interests

Sep 14, 2010

MADISON – Andre Jacque wasn’t the only one partying Tuesday night, after his primary election win.

No, Republican Party leaders in Madison and corporate fat cats across the state celebrated his victory – knowing what it would mean for their agenda. 

On a Manitowoc radio station last month, Jacque made it clear that if he’s elected in November, he’ll “try to roll back” the action Democrats took to close the tax loopholes that huge corporations have exploited to avoid paying their fair share, instead shifting the burden onto middle class Wisconsin families and seniors.

“Andre Jacque was hand-picked by GOP leadership because they know he’ll tow the party line, and work to reverse the progress Democrats have made to put the needs of working families first,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “Voters in the 2nd Assembly District will have a clear choice this November – a Republican rubber stamp for the corporate special interests, or one of their own, who’ll make sure the middle class is priority one.”