J.B. Van Hollen Dodges Debates with Scott Hassett

Sep 16, 2010

Out of Four Possible Debates, Van Hollen Accepts One,

 Maybe Two…

MADISON– J.B. Van Hollen made time to speak with Joe the Plumber at a Tea Party rally but he cannot find the time to let the public know the truth about his extremist agenda by accepting Scott Hassett’s challenge to four debates.

Last Wednesday, the Hassett for Attorney General Campaign challenged incumbent J.B. Van Hollen to four statewide debates to be conducted before the November 2nd election.

But Van Hollen is ducking the challenge, and told a local paper that he would do one, maybe two debates at most. He won’t accept all four debates because he knows that his record as the Attorney General for Wisconsin is evidence that he has politicized that office for personal gain rather than using it for what it should be used for, public safety.

Van Hollen knows that, come November, he will be ousted if people find out about how he has abused the office of Attorney General and wasted the taxpayers’ money on political purposes.

“The job of Attorney General is to be the people’s lawyer, not a partisan hack,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Thursday. “J.B. Van Hollen is hiding his agenda from public scrutiny because he knows Wisconsin will reject it.”


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