J.B. Van Hollen's Ken Kratz Coverup Continues

Sep 20, 2010

MADISON – Following is the response of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following denials of J.B. Van Hollen of misconduct for his role in covering up the sexually-harassing text messages sent to an abuse victim by Van Hollen’s political ally, Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz.

“Yesterday we called for an independent probe of the coverup J.B. Van Hollen perpetrated after discovering the sexually-harassing text messages fellow Republican and political ally Ken Kratz sent to a woman whose boyfriend he was trying for nearly strangling her to death. Now, Van Hollen’s political mouthpiece is denying that waiting an entire year on the matter and failing to forward evidence of the wrongdoing to the governor’s office constitutes misconduct. This failure constitutes not merely an abuse of the victim in question, but an abuse of the standards to which the top law enforcement officer in the land should be held. It underlines why J.B. Van Hollen’s craven behavior must be investigated independently.”


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