Reality Check: J.B. Van Hollen Cleared "Sexting D.A." in Fewer Than Ten Days

Sep 26, 2010


 AG’s “Thorough Investigation” Never Interviewed Kratz 

MADISON –The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen cleared District Attorney Ken Kratz of any criminal wrongdoing after only a cursory ten-day inquiry, in which Kratz was not interviewed.

Van Hollen has cited a “thorough investigation” that revealed no criminal wrongdoing in his decision to not pursue charges against his political ally. Department of Justice reports, however, directly contradict Van Hollen’s claim, showing Kratz was never interviewed by investigators before the Attorney General closed the case. 

 “J. B. Van Hollen’s investigation of his political ally was a sham and now documents prove that,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate. “Is there any doubt now why J.B. Van Hollen is resisting a probe independent of the influence he appears to be wielding in protecting a sexual predator?”

 According to the Department of Justice case summary, the Kratz case was first referred to Van Hollen’s office by Kaukauna Police on Friday, Oct. 23, 2009. On Nov.2 – just six business days later – Kratz was notified that no criminal investigation was pending and that the “case was done” as far as Van Hollen’s office was concerned. Van Hollen has subsequently asserted that Kratz “didn’t break any laws.”

 “At best this is incompetence by J.B. Van Hollen,” Tate said. “At worst, this is a coverup of sexual predation.”

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