Scott Walker’s Record: Bailed Out For Failing to Deal with Poverty

Sep 28, 2010

MADISON — Scott Walker’s come-lately statements can’t hide his abysmal record in tackling poverty in Milwaukee County.

FACT: The state of Wisconsin was forced to step in and bailout Scott Walker’s public assistance programs after Scott Walker ran the program into the ground following years of dismal leadership and inept management.

Under Scott Walker, the childcare, food stamp and medical assistance programs he oversaw failed to meet national and state standards, despite the millions of additional dollars the state gave Walker to assist his malfunctioning programs. According to recent reports, under Walker:

  • Less than 5 percent of the phone calls placed to the Milwaukee County Call Center were answered.
  • Only 70 percent of benefit applications were handled within the time periods required by law.
  • Milwaukee taxpayers have been assessed $74,500 in fines recently due to programs failing to meet standards.
  • Low-income families and pregnant women have been forced to wait months for the benefits they need. (Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2.3.09 – DHS letter, 2.3.09)

FACT: After years of failure under Scott Walker, the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee, a workforce development program to help low-income families get into jobs, was taken away from Milwaukee County and given to the City of Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described Walker’s failure:

For years it’s been known as the Private Industry Council of Milwaukee County, and in recent times it’s been roundly criticized as fragmented and broken in its efforts to lead employment and training activities for the city’s legion of poor people.