Senator Kapanke Has Difficulty Telling Whole Truth (9/1/10)

Aug 31, 2010

WisDems Amend Complaint Following Kapanke Admission of Guilt

MADISON – Last week, Dan Kapanke dodged for a day, then partially admitted guilt, then a day later, he finally told the whole truth that he used his foundation as a slush fund to pay off his personal debts.

This week, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin submitted the new evidence of Kapanke’s admission of guilt to the Government Accountability Board so that it may expedite the complaint and refer it to the appropriate civil and criminal authorities.

Kapanke, who has a history of illegal and ethically-troubled behavior while in public office, has refused the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s call for him to end his run for Congress and resign the Senate in light of his violations of Wisconsin ethics law and possibly, criminal statutes.

“State Senator Dan Kapanke broke the law. He needs to be held accountable and to pay the price like any other citizen of Wisconsin. We renew our call for him to take full responsibility for his actions and resign his Senate seat,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.