The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Presents “Lessons in Logrolling with Sean Duffy”

Sep 28, 2010

MADISON — Former reality tee-vee star and no-show Ashland D.A. Sean Duffy dropped a new ad today that features him logrolling, a hallmark trait of Washington that Duffy has been using in his empty campaign to drive Wisconsin backwards.

In response, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin released a new web ad, “Lessons in Logrolling with Sean Duffy” that seizes opportunity upon the unintended meaning behind Duffy’s new ad. While logrolling is a Wisconsin sport enjoyed by many, in Washington, logrolling takes on a more sordid connotation: trading special favors. 

Duffy was quick to sign onto the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, which protects corporate outsourcers that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas. And not surprisingly, the Americans for Tax Reform has already spent more than $200,000 to do Duffy’s dirty work and get him to Washington

“Sean Duffy has made it clear that the only thing he will do is logroll Wisconsin workers for corporate special interests in his campaign, and he’ll do the same thing in Washington,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Wednesday. “Duffy is the poster child for trading special favors with special interest groups for his own gain, so it’s apt that he would choose to define himself to voters in this way.”

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