A Tale of Two Marys: Williams Chooses Corporate Tax Giveaways Over Help for Middle Class Families

Oct 05, 2010

MADISON – While Republican incumbent Mary Williams of Medford may claim to work for her constituents, her record tells a different story.

“It’s like ‘A Tale of Two Marys’ – she tries to paint herself a champion of the people, but in reality, she’s only a champion for corporate bigwigs,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Tate noted Williams’ recent attempt to drum up media coverage for a new jobs plan, a plan that trumpets big tax breaks for businesses but doesn’t outline how she’d pay for them.

“Rep. Williams has been around government long enough to know that if you propose something, you’ve got to find the money to pay for it.  I’d like to know – is she going to cut school funding?  Raise taxes?  Eliminate health care programs for kids and seniors?  What is this corporate giveaway going to cost Wisconsin families?” asked Tate.

Tate also pointed to the discrepancy between Williams’ promises to help the people of the 87th in these tough economic times and her pledge to reopen legal loopholes that have allowed huge, multi-state corporations to dodge their fair share of taxes, shifting more of the burden onto middle class families and small business owners.

“With so many folks still struggling to make ends meet in this economy, Williams’ support of corporate tax breaks shows her priorities are completely out-of-whack,” said Tate.  “We can’t afford someone who chooses corporate tax giveaways over help for the middle class – and we deserve better than a state representative who says one thing, but does another.”