EXCLUSIVE: Scott Walker's Mickey Mouse Record on Jobs, Hotlines: WisDems Capture First Images of GOPer's "Jobz Hotliyn"

Oct 07, 2010

MADISON– Scot Walker’s Mickey Mouse record on jobs and on telephone hotlines was on display this morning when volunteers of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, walking across Milwaukee County’s undeveloped Park East corridor, discovered Scott Walker’s secret “Jobz Hotliyn.”

In the image above, Wisconsin voters get their first glimpse at the campaign gimmick of a candidate who couldn’t find phones for his long-shuttered jobs-creation office, and who ran an assistance hotline so miserably that state officials had to take it over.

 This is not to mention his Mickey Mouse record on jobs-creation, when Scott Walkerliterally has shuttered, or had taken away from him, every jobs-creating program he’s touched.

Scott Walker had the Private Industry Council ripped away from him by the state because of his lack of use, he shut down his economic development program just when the Recession began and he failed to develop the most visible piece of Milwaukee County property, the Park East, which has sat fallow for almost a decade while Walker destroyed jobs marketing plans.

Walker, now running for governor-and away from his jobs-killing record-recently claimed that he would create a “Jobz Hotliyn” as a joke to compliment his “jobs” “plan,” which was written in giant font in the same way an errant child might. (Walker later bravely blamed his mockery of the unemployed on a 23-year-old aide.)

Walker’s most recent try at a hotline had to be taken over by the state two years ago and resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in penalties, after only 5 percent of callers to the county’s assistance hotline got through.

His own economic development office, which was revived over his objections by Milwaukee County supervisors, went at least a month without phones.

“Wisconsin cannot afford Scott Walker’s Mickey Mouse record on jobs and the Mickey Mouse way he has run his hotlines into the ground,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday.

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