Has 5th Assembly District Candidate Jim Steineke Broken the Law Again?

Oct 25, 2010

MADISON – Assembly candidate for the 5th district, Jim Steineke, appears to have broken Wisconsin state law yet again.  Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee Director Nicholl Caruso filed two complaints against Steineke with the Government Accountability Board yesterday after discovering potential violations in Steinke’s recently filed campaign finance report.

“It looks like Jim Steineke is at it again,” said Nicholl Caruso, Executive Director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee.  “These apparent campaign finance violations represent a continued pattern of Jim Steineke’s disregard for Wisconsin’s laws.”

On October 4th, 2010, Steineke accepted the Government Accountability Board’s public grant totaling $7,763.  Taking the maximum grant amount precludes Steineke from accepting additional contributions from other committees, such as political action committees or other candidates’ campaign committees. But that didn’t stop Steineke from accepting $2,750 from these groups, a clear violation of Wisconsin state statute 11.50 (9), 11.26 (9), 11.26 (11) and 11.26 (14).

In the second complaint Caruso also questioned a $500 contribution from “John Doe” on Oct. 4, 2010, which had no additional donor information.

“How can the voters of the 5th Assembly district be expected to trust a candidate who has had as many run-ins with the law as Steineke?” said Caruso.  “The people Jim Steineke wants to represent deserve better.”

The complaints filed yesterday await a full investigation by the GAB.

Link to Steineke finance report: http://cfis.wi.gov/ReportsOutputFiles/0104713FallPre-Election2010864a61025201015529PMGAB24Report.pdf

Copy of ADCC GAB complaints can be find HERE and HERE.

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