Illegal Calls go Out to Prop up Struggling Frank Lasee Campaign

Oct 03, 2010


For Immediate Release                                                                        Contact: SSDC

October 4, 2010                                                                                    (608) 260-2403


Illegal Calls go Out to Prop up Struggling Frank Lasee Campaign

MADISON – The State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) called on Representative Frank Lasee to disclose what he knows about illegal phone calls going out over the weekend with Senator Alan Lasee’s voice discussing the election for the 1ST Senate District and some of Representative Frank Lasee’s past proposals.

“There are a lot of questions about these illegal calls because there was no disclaimer telling voters who paid for the call.  Did Representative Frank Lasee’s campaign pay for it?  Did a corporation pay for them?  No one knows,” said SSDC Spokesperson Carrie Lynch.

Lynch noted that messages left on answering machines did not disclose who paid for the calls, a clear violation of Wisconsin state law.  Disclosing who is paying for the phone calls allows voters to decide whether or not they trust the source of information.  Violations are investigated by the Government Accountability Board after a complaint is filed. 

“The illegal calls were at least good for a laugh.  They try to explain away Representative Frank Lasee’s guns in schools proposal.  Representative Lasee’s proposal to arm teachers in schools needs no further explanation though.  Unfortunately the entire nation became all too familiar with that dangerous proposal when it was ridiculed on the Daily Show,” said Lynch.

“Representative Frank Lasee embarrassed himself and the state of Wisconsin with his appearance on the Daily Show promoting his dangerous ideas to put guns in schools,” said Lynch.

“Hopefully the illegal phone calls will stop and everyone will know who paid for them soon,” concluded Lynch