Is Rebecca for Real?

Oct 05, 2010

No Time for Wisconsin Voters, But Walker-Palin Ticket has Time for Cooking Classes

MADISON– Scott Walker has time to send Rebecca Kleefisch to photo appearances today at cooking classes, but no time to answer questions about a laughable jobs plan that mocks Wisconsin.

Kleefisch, a former tee-vee celebrity with no known knowledge of jobs-creation, was refusing to debate the future of Wisconsin’s economy with Lt. Gov. candidate Tom Nelson, the Kaukauna Assemblyman who has backed Tom Barrett’s detailed 67-page jobs-creation plan.

“Scott Walker mocked Wisconsin with his bogus jobs pamphlet. And now Rebecca Kleefisch is mocking Wisconsin voters by attending cooking classes and yet refusing to debate Tom Nelson,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “It’s just as well, since both seem equally willing to say or do anything to get elected, and seem clueless about how to create jobs in Wisconsin.”