Rah-Rah-Rotten: Scott Walker Cheerleads Jobs to Death

Oct 06, 2010

MADISON– After years of calling Wisconsin “hell,” of saying he’d lost all belief in Wisconsin, of cursing selling Wisconsin to employers as, “Putting lipstick on a pig,” and of not participating in the biggest marketing plan for Wisconsin jobs- one that was in his own back yard – Scott Walker now is claiming against all fact that he will be the state’s “Number One Cheerleader.

It would be enough if Scott Walker would create a single job in Milwaukee County, where he defunded his own jobs-creation department at the start of the Recession (and the same year he gave himself a $50,000 raise and an in-ground pool).

Today’s rah-rah-rotten plan was being seen as a way for Scott Walker to take a second bite at the apple on jobs, since his original 68-page “plan,” was widely panned by the press-and Walker himself later took the coward’s way out and blamed a junior staffer for Walker’s hostility toward Wisconsin’s unemployed.

Ominously, in the latest “plan,” Scott Walker says he’ll create a “hotline” to assist in jobs. Forget that his own economic development department, which he previously defunded, went at least a month without phones. The State of Wisconsin had to come in and takeover another phone hotline Walker had created in Milwaukee County for people seeking state assistance. An audit during the state takeover cleaning up Walker’s mess found that 95 percent of the calls did not even go through.

“Scott Walker has not helped to create a single job as Milwaukee County Executive and it’s reasonable to expect that his jobs-killing ways would be duplicated if he was governor” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Time and again, he’s killed jobs-creation plans, defunded efforts within his own administration to attract jobs, and even spit on jobs-creation and marketing plans for Wisconsin. When Scott Walker says he wants to be a cheerleader for Wisconsin-let’s not forget that this guy was in the band.”

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