Republican Special Interest Groups Cite School District in Wrong State

Oct 18, 2010

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Republican Special Interest Groups Cite School District in Wrong State

MADISON – Republican special interest groups trying to figure out how they are going to get Rep. Frank Lasee elected to the State Senate have resorted to using “facts” from the Kimberly School District – Kimberly, Idaho. A mailer was recently sent to voters in the 1st Senate District using citation from the Kimberly School District in Idaho.  Rep. Frank Lasee’s career has been struggling since he became a national embarrassment when he appeared on the Daily Show to talk up his proposal to give guns to schoolteachers.

“Keeping Rep. Frank Lasee’s embarrassing record under wraps has become so hard that all the Senate Republicans can do at this point is hope their D.C. special interest groups can bail them out,” said Carrie Lynch, spokesperson for the State Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.  “Voters shouldn’t believe anything on this mailer or any other mailing sent from a D.C.-based group that doesn’t even know what state they are talking about.”

The mailer sent to voters in the 1st Senate District is from the Washington, D.C.-based group All Children Matter.  It cites information about school district spending from an article found at http://www.magicvalley.com/news/local/article_0fefce13-8323-5df6-9fbe-c5a0db965853.html.  The story at that link describes the financial struggles of a school district in Idaho.

Lynch noted that Republicans are having a hard time running against Dr. Monk Elmer’s record.  Dr. Elmer is the president of the Kimberly School Board.  The Kimberly, Wisconsin School District was recently highlighted by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top high schools in the country and is in the bottom 10 percent of school districts in the state for spending.

“The school district Dr. Elmer represents is one of the best bargains around for state taxpayers.  Students get a top rated education with some of the lowest costs in the state.  Faced with those facts, the D.C. hacks backing Republican State Senate candidates decided to lie to the voters and hope no one caught them,” said Lynch.

“The website the DC attack piece cites has a “Times-News” logo with the state of Idaho outlined as part of it.  If the political hacks in D.C. had attended the excellent Kimberly school district in Wisconsin, they would have recognized that the state outlined on the website is not Wisconsin,” said Lynch.