Rivard Misleading Voters About his Stance on BadgerCare

Oct 21, 2010

MADISON – Roger Rivard, candidate for the 75th Assembly seat being vacated by retiring Representative Mary Hubler (D-Rice Lake), is having a hard time keeping his facts straight about his own stance on BadgerCare.  After making public comments that he was in favor of eliminating the program, Rivard recently sent an auto-call to voters claiming that he actually supported it.

“Some people will say anything to get elected,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Mike Tate.  “The trouble starts when the things you say are caught on tape. Roger Rivard is trying to re-write history to hide his record from voters.”

Rivard’s comments were recorded during a forum with other candidates running in the Republican Primary during the summer.  At that time he said:

“I’m not in favor of expanding the BadgerCare program, I’m not in favor of having the Badger[Care] program in the first place.”

See the video for yourself, here: http://vimeo.com/15782827

Rivard is now changing his tune after voters found out about his extreme views regarding the program that thousands of children, pregnant women, and working families in his district depend on.  He sent out the following auto-call in an attempt to mislead voters:

“Hey, this is State Assembly candidate Roger Rivard. My opponent and Jim Doyle’s Greater Wisconsin Committee are at it again. They are so desperate to steal this election that they are now spreading lies about my position on BadgerCare. Let me be absolutely clear: I do not want to eliminate BadgerCare. I understand the importance of this program for families who have struggled to keep up. BadgerCare coverage should be maintained. It is time we get government back on track and elect people who are honest with the voters. You have seen what my opponent will do. So vote for me Roger Rivard on November 2nd. Authorized and paid for by Rivard for Assembly, Tim Wold, Treasurer.”

“Either Roger Rivard is lying to voters about his position on BadgerCare or he has flip-flopped on the issue in order to win votes,” said Chairman Tate.  “Families in the 75th Assembly District deserve better than that.”

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Listen to auto-call below: