Ron Johnson's Reinvention Tour Day 1: Changing His Reason For Running

Oct 17, 2010

WisDems Highlight Ron Johnson’s Reinvention Over Next 14 Days Showing How Johnson is Controlled by His D.C. Handlers to Avoid the Media, Purposely Misleads the Voters

MADISON — Republican Senate Candidate Ron Johnson has dodged 15 debates during the election, rarely releases his schedule to the media, and is basing his run on an $8 million ad campaign that explains precious few of his extremist stands on the issues. Never in Wisconsin history has a candidate actually admitted that his campaign is based on so deliberately misleading the voters — until Ron Johnson.

In an unprecedented admission in Wisconsin politics, Johnson has indicated that he’s hiding his true positions from the voters and the media. According to Politico:

“He feels stung by a story in the Journal Sentinel in which he questioned the science behind global warming and said “sunspots” are just as much to blame. It lacked context, he says, though he considers himself a strong global warming skeptic. So he watches his words, ignoring the fact that he’s already making the trade-offs conventional politicians make to win office. It will be different once and if he wins, he promises. Then, his true feelings can take voice.”  [Politico, 10/12/10]

Why does Ron Johnson believe he needs to hide his “true feelings” in order to win an election? And just what were the “true feelings” behind Ron Johnson’s reason for running? As with many issues from climate change to his hostility to the minimum wage and opposition to extending unemployment for the jobless, that depends on when you ask him. 

When he entered the race, Johnson told media outlets that he felt compelled to run after listening to disgraced political consultant and FOXNEWS pundit Dick Morris:

“I was sitting at home watching Fox News and Dick Morris came on and said ‘Hey, you know, Feingold is vulnerable. You know, if you’re a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate.’ I kind of looked at (my wife) Jane and said ‘is he, like, talking to me?” [Johnson Update 5.18.10, via Media Matters]

But, weeks later, Johnson changed his tune, and started claiming he was motivated to run to repeal health care reform instead:

Q: Well is it actually true you decided to run.. after watching Fox News and watching Dick Morris put out a call for a rich guy from Wisconsin?

RJ: No. That’s kind of a cute little story.  [“Here and Now,” Wisconsin Public Television 6.11.10]

It’s no surprise that Johnson is avoiding the media — he previously suggested that the media is engaged in a conspiracy (along with lawyers and professors) to create a socialist state:

“By controlling the faculties of our colleges of education, law, and journalism, liberals have been able to exert far greater influence over our schools, our courts, and our media, than the strength of their ideas ever would have allowed. Far too often, our schools indoctrinate our children with liberal dogma. Our courts have created the right of privacy out of thin air, and codified lie – codified laws abridging the right of free speech. And all this is aided and abetted by a mainstream press whose liberal bias knows no bounds. Through the control of these institutions, together with their sweeping electoral victory in 2008, radical liberals finally attained the power they had been so desperately seeking. We may appear to be peering into abyss of a financial system meltdown, but the real abyss we are hovering over, is that of socialism and state control.” [Shawano County Republican Fall Dinner, 9/26/10.]

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