Ron Johnson’s Turns His Back on Wisconsin Vets: "Details" That Aren’t Important

Oct 20, 2010

After Green Bay Press Gazette Meeting Where Ron Johnson Refuses to Reveal Any Plan to Create Jobs for Middle Class,
Johnson Hides Plan to Cap Funding for Veterans

MADISON — Millionaire Senate Candidate Ron Johnson, who could not answer a simple question from the Green Bay Press Gazette editorial board Friday about what he would do to create jobs for the middle class, froze up again Wednesday, unable to explain what he would do to ensure veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are properly cared for.
When asked by an audience member at a forum hosted at the University of Wisconsin yesterday what he would do to prevent veterans who came back from Iraq and Afghanistan from going homeless:

Q: “Are there specific things that you think need to happen within that uh, galaxy of services perhaps that the VA has some responsibility for or other organizations that would help homeless veterans?”

RJ:” Sss- specifically I-I-I- I can’t really…I haven’t been there. I don’t have all the details. But, you know, one thing I will point out I don’t- I don’t believe this election really is about details, it just isn’t.”

Johnson’s refusal to offer any specifics on veterans care comes days after he refused to say what his plans were to create jobs and cut spending to the Green Bay Press Gazette:
Johnson also recently told the media his “true feelings” will be revealed to Wisconsin voters after the election. According to Politico:

“It will be different once and if he wins, he promises. Then, his true feelings can take voice.”  [Politico, 10/12/10]

“Ron Johnson is running an empty campaign based on his $8 million in ads that even his hometown newspaper admits don’t offer any specifies,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party. “Ron Johnson has no plans to help put Wisconsin back to work, he has offered no specific plans to reduce the deficit, and now we learn he can’t even be bothered to offer any plans to care for American soldiers who have served this country and returned home in need of the care they deserve.”
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