Scott Walker Hosts Fellow Pension Promise Breaker

Oct 03, 2010

Like Failed Milwaukee Exec, N.J. Guv Said Anything to Get Elected

MADISON – Raising more campaign cash for his ailing campaign, Scott Walker today hosts another politician who will say anything and do anything to get elected.

This time it’s fellow pension promise breaker Chris Christie, the New Jersey Republican boss who lied about his promise not to alter New Jersey firefighter pensions.

Walker, who rode to office in 2002 on a laundry list of promises to fix Milwaukee County’s pension system, has broken nearly every one of them, including his risky $400 million borrowing scheme that still leaves Milwaukee County facing a $100 million structural deficit.

“Scott Walker couldn’t have done better than bringing in Chris Christie to highlight his total failure to fix Milwaukee County’s pension system,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Like him, the East Coast Republican boss outright lied about his plans for pension reform, and gives another reason why Wisconsin just can’t trust Scott Walker.”