Scott Walker's Election Eve Cowardice

Oct 28, 2010

Mental Health Hospital Obstruction

MADISON – After an eight-month delay and facing federal lawsuits by disability rights activists, Scott Walker sought to bury his record at his troubled mental health hospital by cynically releasing vital records at the 11th Hour.

Walker has stonewalled and hidden his record at the mental health hospital, where a patient starved to death in 2006 and where federal regulators discovered this spring that female patients there were being sexually assaulted as the direct result of Scott Walker’s policies.

Walker has refused to cooperate with his own county auditor, who nevertheless found that sexual assaults have spiked there, even as Walker has slashed staff and rebuffed calls for a secure ward.

“Scott Walker has put his political well-being above the safety of mental health patients and now, on the eve of the election, he has buried more evidence of his reckless incompetence,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “It is a guilty and cowardly move and yet more evidence why, come Tuesday, Wisconsin voters will reject Scott Walker as someone who literally will do anything to get elected.”