Sean Duffy Pledges He Might Show Up for Work In New Job

Oct 11, 2010

But Do-Nothing D.A. Won’t Call Off His Chambermaids

MADISON – Sean Duffy, the reality tee-vee star who was appointed to a job for which he rarely showed up, today was pledging that if he is elected to Congress, he might actually show up.

One thing Duffy isn’t doing, however, is calling off a cowardly and foreign-funded political attack campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that listed Julie Lassa’s home phone number.

Duffy’s pledge came in the form of a challenge to Lassa, the irony being that Duffy doesn’t appear to ever have lived by any of the hard-working principles it implies. Duffy has welcomed the flood of outside cash, including the Chamber ads which have been paid in part by businesses based in China and Bahrain.

“Sean Duffy’s lazy “pledges” track the lazy way he ran his office as a showboating district attorney, with a lot of posing but little substance,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “I have a pledge for Duffy: ‘I pledge to get some guts and stand up to my Chinese corporate masters who are such cowards they put a woman’s family’s home phone number on the air.’”