Stop Him Before He Raids Again: Scott Walker and the "Worst Road in Wisconsin"

Oct 19, 2010

MADISON – Last year the Oak Creek mayor proclaimed a roadway overseen by Scott Walker as the “Worst Road in Wisconsin.”

Yesterday, Walker made the election-eve pledge that he wouldn’t raid the state’s transportation fund.

But Walker actually has a proven record of raiding Milwaukee County’s own transportation fund-the same fund that should have been used to fix South 13th Street-“The Worst Road in Wisconsin.”


Year Budget Transfer Amount
2010 634,780
2009 7,566,694
2008 11,777,036
2007 21,561,260
2006 17,922,529
2005 26,200,387
2004 23,773,738
Total 109,436,424
Scott Walker’s raid of segregated sales tax revenue, diverted to General Fund

Source: Milwaukee County Adopted Budgets 2004-2010


According to county budget figures, since 2004, Scott Walker has diverted $110 million of county sales tax revenue meant for transportation upkeep and shunted it to his general fund. Along with more than $200 million in deferred maintenance to county parks, including the ailing O’Donnell Park complex where tragedy struck this summer, Walker has repeatedly refused to use honest budgeting practices, even as he has left Milwaukee County’s trunk highways in dismal condition.

“Scott Walker has continually raided Milwaukee County’s own transportation fund and now, as he seeks to hide from his shameful record of deferred maintenance and crumbling roadways, he promises he is going to change his sham budget practices?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Scott Walker owns the “Worst Road in Wisconsin” for a reason”