Values? Ron Johnson Refuses to Defend Victims of Child Abuse

Oct 20, 2010

WisDems Release New Web Ad Highlighting Johnson’s Opposition to Bipartisan Child Victims Act

MADISON — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has released a new Web ad, “Values” that highlights Republican Senate Candidate Ron Johnson refusal to stand up for victims of child abuse when he opposed the Child Victims Act in January.

The Child Victims Act was a bipartisan bill supported by victims rights groups, social workers and law enforcement. The ad points out that similar legislation in California and Delaware was responsible for bringing hundreds of additional pedophiles to justice who had previously been secret.

“If Ron Johnson won’t fight for victims of child abuse, Wisconsin has every right to question whether he can be trusted to fight for them,” says Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Wisconsin deserves a senator who will fight to project victims of child abuse, not lobby against them.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in June reported:

“Prodded by a Catholic official, the Oshkosh businessman earlier this year jumped into the controversy over legislation aimed at making it easier for victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue their abusers…

Johnson had little to say about the victims of sexual abuse in his testimony. His was largely a financial concern.

He followed that up with this suggestion.

“This bill could actually have the perverse effect of leading to additional victims of sexual abuse,” he argued, “if individuals, recognizing that their organizations are at risk, become less likely to report suspected abuse.”



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