Van Wanggaard Finally Takes Questions From Voters

Oct 11, 2010

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Van Wanggaard Finally Takes Questions From Voters

Admits extreme positions

Racine – In what could be the only opportunity for the public to directly ask questions of both Senate candidates in the 21st District race, Republican Van Wanggaard today admitted his extreme position in opposition to potentially lifesaving embryonic stem cell research.  Wanggaard , who has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from insurance companies, also reaffirmed he wants to protect the ability of insurance companies to drop people’s coverage when they get sick or if they have a pre-existing condition.

Carrie Lynch, spokesperson for the State Senate Democratic Committee, commented, “It’s no wonder Van Wanggaard is ducking appearances where the general public can ask him questions.  In an online forum hosted by the local Racine paper today, Wanggaarrd admitted he is opposed to embryonic stem cell research and reaffirmed his support for the worst insurance company abuses.”

According to a transcript of the forum, when asked “There has been a of lot talk recently about embryonic stem cell research. Do you support allowing this kind of research in Wisconsin ?” Wangaard responded “I do not support embryonic stem cell research.”

In the late 1990’s researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison made dramatic breakthroughs in embryonic stem cell research that offer great hope in cures for diseases like juvenile diabetes, parkinsons and alzheimers disease, in addition to reversing the effects of severe spinal cord injuries.

Wanggaard also dug in on his position of protecting insurance companies’ right to kick people off their insurance when they get sick or if they have a pre-existing condition. 

“Van Wanggaard came right out today and said he’s opposed to lifesaving medical research and protecting the children and families of Racine County from insurance company abuses.  With those extreme positions, it’s no wonder Wanggaard’s handlers are trying to hide him from the public,” concluded Lynch.