Which Came First, the Special Interests' Money or Wanggaard's Promise to Support Their Agenda?

Oct 25, 2010


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Which Came First, the Special Interests’ Money or Wanggaard’s Promise to Support Their Agenda?

Either Way Racine County’s Middle Class, Working Families,

Seniors and Kids Could Lose

Racine – Campaign finance reports filed this week with the state Government Accountability Board reveal out-of-state millionaires, banking, insurance and other business interests along with political action committees (PACs) and special interests are filling Van Wanggaard’s State Senate campaign coffers.  In fact, a shocking 91% of Wanggaard’s reported contributions from September and October are either from outside of Racine County or attributable to these special interest groups. 

Carrie Lynch, spokesperson for the State Senate Democratic Committee, commented, “Van Wanggaard has publicly called for passing corporate tax loopholes that reward businesses for renting a post office box in Nevada instead of creating jobs, cutting taxes for the wealthiest one percent and protecting insurance company abuses that allow people to get kicked off their insurance if they get sick or have a pre-existing condition.  With stances like that it’s no wonder it’s the special interests and not the average folks of Racine County that are overwhelmingly funding his campaign.”

Wanggaard’s budget-busting tax scheme would add well over $600 million to the projected state deficit and will lead to massive cuts to in funding for education, health care and public safety resulting in thousands of teachers, police officers and firefighters being fired and thousands of Wisconsin children losing their health care benefits. 

“Plain and simple Wanggaard has put the interests of big corporations and special interests ahead of Racine County’s working families.  And that’s why these same special interests are funding his campaign,” Lynch concluded.

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