"Wisconsin is NOT Mississippi," Women's Rights and African-American Leader Tell Scott Walker

Oct 26, 2010

Rally As Extremist GOP Govs Rally on His Behalf

MADISON – Speaking a few miles away and just before Scott Walker is scheduled to rally with extremist Southern governors in Oak Creek, a famed women’s rights activist and an African-American leader told Walker that they rejected his extremist policies.

“Wisconsin is NOT Mississippi,” Ellen Bravo said, referring to Walker’s embrace by that state’s governor, Haley Barbour, who along with Bobby Jindal (LA) and Bob McDonnell (VA) was scheduled to campaign Wednesday on Walker’s behalf. Bravo is an author who has written extensively about the struggles of working women. Extremists like McDonnell have argued that their best place is at home. 

Walker has embraced extremist policies such as the belief that a woman who is raped must bear the rapist’s child, even if it will kill her. And he also has opposed wage equality for women and pathbreaking stem cell research.

La Tonya Johnson, a working mother, small business owner and member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Black Caucus, decried McDonnell’s embrace of revisionist history.

“Many men and women of Wisconsin fought against the kind of inequality that was embodied in the struggle for so-called “Southern Rights,” Johnson said. “Apparently, Scott Walker is seeking out people who will divide us by our differences instead of bring us together based on our common Wisconsin values. And Wisconsin definitely is NOT Mississippi.”