WisDems Call on Scott Walker, RGA, "Boss" Barbour To Explain Confusing Mailer

Oct 07, 2010

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today called on Scott Walker, the Republican Governors Association and Republican “Boss” Haley Barbour to explain their intent behind an apparent effort to suppress voter turnout in the November election.

In a letter to Walker, Barbour and the RGA, DPW Chair Mike Tate called on them to account for an official-looking mailing sent by the RGA to Milwaukee households.

Tate writes in the letter:

“This mailing comes on the heels of allegations, still being investigated, that the Republican Party of Wisconsin was going to coordinate with corporate-funded “Tea Party” groups to engage in the illegal practice of “voter caging” during this election term.

But we all know the drill: Republicans actively engage in a public relations campaign to falsely claim evidence of voter “fraud” and all the while engage in widespread efforts to suppress votes, especially votes by groups that vote heavily Democratic, like seniors, students and African-Americans; and we Democrats are left fighting to put out multiple fires on election day.”

Having mismanaged his campaign finances, Scott Walker now has turned to the Republican Governors Association to slime Tom Barrett.

Tate called on the RGA, Walker and Barbour to answer questions about the method and the motives behind this and future schemes to suppress Wisconsin votes.