WisDems: Dirty Politics

Oct 25, 2010

Is Kapanke Coordinating Illegally?

MADISON – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday featured a questionable, far-fetched claim by two doctors from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

The he-said, she-said story includes several holes in both Dr. Michael Smith’s and an unnamed doctor’s attack on Third District Congressman Ron Kind.  A spokesperson for the conservative pharma-funded 60 Plus Association, which ran $600,000 worth of ads against Ron Kind this cycle, Dr. Michael Smith has donated and held fundraisers for Kind’s opponent, Dan Kapanke.

“This is dirty, desperate politics at its worst,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Tuesday.  “A local Kapanke-supporting doctor with seriously questionable motives comes out with some three-year-old bogus story days before the election.  If the 60 Plus Association, who is already trying to buy Kind’s seat, is also paying this doctor who’s fundraising for Kapanke, it could constitute illegal coordination between the Kapanke campaign and the 60 Plus Association.  This sort of desperate behavior is a new unethical low, even for State Senator Dan Kapanke.”