Paul Ryan Gives the Lie to Scott Walker Jobs-Killing Spree

Nov 15, 2010

MADISON- Paul Ryan and Wisconsin’s other GOP representatives acknowledged today what we’ve known all along, that Scott Walker lied entirely when he claimed on the campaign trail that he’d divert $810 million in rail money for roads projects.

It was a lie when Walker claimed it on the campaign trail, and it was no less a lie today, when Ryan issued a joint statement with Reps. Tom Petri and Jim Sensenbrenner.

Meanwhile, Ryan, who supported trillions of dollars of deficit spending under President Bush, said now that Wisconsin should give up the money that would create thousands of jobs here.

“What a rare act of political courage for a career politician like Paul Ryan to wait until after an election to acknowledge that Scott Walker was lying all along,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.