Scott Walker's $100 Million Jobs-Killing Spree

Nov 08, 2010

Gov.-Elect Enters Office With More Pain for Economy

 MADISON- News is breaking that Scott Walker’s plans to turn down $810 million in already-allocated federal money for rail will end up COSTING Wisconsin taxpayers at least $100 million and hundreds of jobs – not to mention the thousands of jobs the plan would have created in the long-run.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation has thrown cold water on Walker’s repeated and false assertion that the already-allocated money, which is now being sought by states like New York, could be used for anything BUT the project that Tommy Thompson proposed and which Walker himself once voted for.

 “Killing 400 Wisconsin jobs before he has even taken the oath of office, and thousands down the road, is quite a feat, even for someone with such an abysmal record on jobs as Scott Walker,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “On jobs, it’s clear with Scott Walker that someone should stop him before he kills again.”