New WisDems Billboard: Wanted for Killing 13,000 Wisconsin Jobs

Dec 12, 2010

Scott Walker’s Legacy Already Begun

 MADISON- A new billboard unveiled Monday near Milwaukee’s Marquette Interchange shows that Scott Walker is “Wanted For Killing 13,000 Wisconsin Jobs.”

 The billboard follows another successful campaign last month by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to highlight Walker’s willingness to send $810 million in rail funds to states like California and Illinois.

 Last week, the federal government announced that Scott Walker had succeeded in killing the rail project that he had previously supported and which initially was proposed by Tommy Thompson with bipartisan support.

 “Scott Walker has killed 13,000 Wisconsin jobs before even taking office,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “If you see him, know that he’s armed with empty promises and is capable of killing jobs again.”