That Didn't Take Long: Sean Duffy Goes Hollywood

Dec 14, 2010

Claims He is “In-Touch” By Going on Celebrity Tee-Vee Show

MADISON- Reality tee-vee stars Sean Duffy and his wife praised how in-touch they were with Wisconsin values and how much they wouldn’t let celebrity change them – by going on the ultimate celebrity show, “The View.”

Appearing yesterday with Barbara Walters and the gang, Duffy, the son, grandson, nephew and brother of lawyers, and a lawyer himself, also left the false impression that he was a professional timber worker, not merely someone who competed in timber sports.

Before he became the favorite of Sarah Palin, Duffy based his race for Congress on his embarrassing appearance on the MTV reality show, “The Real World,” in which his main achievements included dancing naked on camera while inebriated.

Panting and preening before the cameras yesterday, Duffy said among the Wisconsin values he would bring to Washington were “hard work,” though records repeatedly showed him as a lazy district attorney who rarely showed up to work or even opened his e-mails, and who let a man facing his 7th OWI off the hook so he could go to a D.C. celebrity event.

“Dave Obey got to work for the North Woods by doing the hard work. Sean Duffy shames that legacy by going on New York celebrity tee-vee to merely tell us what he’s heard about hard work,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “It didn’t take long for Sean Duffy to ignore the people he serves and to start promoting the person he loves most -Himself.”