WisDems Ask Scott Walker to Pay Taxpayers Back

Dec 30, 2010

Special Non-Spring Elections Costly, Unnecessary

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Friday asked that proceeds from Scott Walker’s inaugural festivities go to repaying Wisconsin taxpayers, instead of bloating his campaign coffers.

This because his appointment Thursday of at least three legislators to his administration will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in wasted fees that could have been avoided had Walker acted responsibly.

Attached is just one estimate, from a Republican county clerk, that shows that taxpayers in La Crosse County will spend some $50,000 in the race to replace longtime Walker crony Mike Huebsch.

He joins Mark Gottlieb and Scott Gunderson.

Walker has acknowledged that had he announced their appointment just a few days earlier, they could have been included on the spring ballot.

“Scott Walker has now shown that not only can he kill jobs before he’s sworn into office, but that he can also waste taxpayers money beforehand as well,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “Now, Scott Walker should use the money he was raising for himself from his inaugural parties to repay the taxpayers he has cost by his irresponsibility.”