Breaking: GOP's Jeff Stone Submits Hundreds of Invalid Signatures

Jan 13, 2011

MADISON-Just hours before the deadline for challenges, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has identified hundreds of invalid signatures submitted by Scott Walker clone and GOP candidate Jeff Stone in the race for Milwaukee County Executive.

Of 2,888 submitted signatures, the DPW identified 653, 26% of the total, that were invalid under Wisconsin statutes . The problems included incorrect and incomplete addresses and inaccurate dates.

Stone is behind a push to rush in voter suppression legislation in advance of the spring election, a move that would benefit Stone but one election official testified would be a “disaster” for democracy.

“Jeff Stone didn’t abide by the rules when he submitted more than 600 invalid signatures to be Milwaukee County Executive, but now he wants to selectively enforce the rules in a way that suits him,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said late Friday. “The more we know about Jeff Stone, the more we understand that he is a typical politician willing to bend the rules and warp our standards for elected officials.”