Complaint Against GOP Basement Dweller Amended

Jan 17, 2011

MADISON-Wisconsin Democrats on Tuesday amended their complaint against basement-dwelling Republican Joe Knilans to reflect state statutes that, problematically for him, identify a candidate’s residence as where his family resides.

In this case, Knilans, who represents the 44th District, unlawfully resides in the 45th, where he has stated his family lives.

This means that he was not eligible to be an elector at the time he was sworn in to office. The amended complaint deepens the troubles for Knilans, against whom Wisconsin Democrats filed a complaint after his claims that he was living in his brother’s unfinished basement in the 44th.

“Basement-dwelling Joe Knilans continues to keep his family in the 45th District and therefore that is where his residence lies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “The rules are the rules, and the rules clearly state that his residence is therefore in the 45th District, and therefore he is not eligible to represent the 44th District. However, it looks like Knilans and the Republicans don’t believe the rules apply to them.”