GOP One-Term Watch: Jim Steineke

Jan 12, 2011

MADISON– With the news that he signed on to Scott Walker’s legislation limiting legal awards to families of those killed by drunk drivers, and co-authored legislation loosening Wisconsin auto insurance requirements, convicted drunk driver Jim Steineke of the 5th Assembly District has climbed to the top of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s One-Term Watch list.

The “One-Term Watch” program monitors the crop of extremist freshman Republican legislators who ran for office on promises of creating family-supporting jobs but have instead embarked on a madcap plan to enflame social issues, pay back corporate contributors and set back Wisconsin’s modern economy.

One-Term Watch consists of social media and other activism to keep people like Steineke honest and let them know Wisconsin needs good jobs, not broken promises.

“This special session has been about everything but jobs,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “The Republicans’ latest efforts to push through legislation that rolls back consumer protections for special interests and loosens auto insurance requirements instead of creating family-sustaining jobs are bad enough; having it introduced by a convicted drunk driver adds insult to injury.”