How Many Games Will Jeff Stone Play?

Jan 25, 2011

Republican Up to Partisan Mischief in Madison 

MADISON– Republican extremist Jeff Stone, after seeking to suppress Milwaukee voters, on Wednesday sought to play games with Milwaukee County’s spring ballots by inserting a frivolous referendum measure.

The measure, which proposes a diminished role for a smaller County Board of Supervisors, does nothing to create jobs, and is yet another example of his partisan posturing.  Stone has also advocated to fast-track his costly, restrictive voter ID bill so that it would be in effect for the spring election, despite warnings from the Government Accountability Board that such a move would create “an electoral disaster.”
“Republican extremist Jeff Stone has spent his time in Madison playing games with the Milwaukee County ballot,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.  “Since Jeff Stone apparently has nothing to offer Milwaukee County or Wisconsin as far as job creation or economic recovery, he has resorted to putting on a partisan carnival show. He doesn’t seem very interested in working for jobs, unless you’re counting his own.”