ICYMI: Hollywood Sean Duffy's Health Care Lie

Jan 24, 2011

MADISON-Hollywood Sean Duffy finally got some unwelcome press after his vote to repeal successful health care reforms was deemed a “Full Flip-Flop” by the state’s largest paper.

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Duffy, whose family has enjoyed tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded health care, and who has signed up for Congress’s Cadillac plan also paid for by taxpayers, has provided no alternative to the reform championed by his predecessor, Dave Obey.

“Hollywood Sean Duffy did not do right by the seniors and working families of the north woods when he lied about his repeal vote, but he looks to be doing all right for himself with his Cadillac health insurance paid for by the very people he would deny quality health care,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.